Alter Identity

When we were asked to create an alter identity, at first I had no clue on what to make my alter identity on. My first alter identity that I had in mind was doing something out of the ordinary for me which was getting fake tattoos. As I keep thinking about my alter identity the more I started doubting it. If I where to get the tattoos I knew I would be covering them up and that would just defeat the purpose of me having the tattoos and I was not planning in having a face tattoo that would jut be to weird for me. After I commented my alter identity project to my sisters my sisters suggested to do something extreme something that would truly get peoples reaction. We all have an image in out heads of what an  ideal beauty should look like to us, so for my alter identity I transformed my self in the opposite of an ideal beauty by making half of my face  look as thought my I was burnt and see the reaction of people towards my appearance and to truly see how we secretly judge other people on the way they look.

I was able to achieve this look with the help from my sister who is a make-up artist. She created the burnt look by combining a silicon gel and color pigment gel. Then applying it with a popsicle stick letting it dry and then adding the effects with make-up to make it  look like my skin tone.I stared my alter identity after Thanksgiving dinner just to get the feel of having something on my face. The reaction that I got from my family members where, “Oh my god. That looks nasty and so real”. After I heard those words coming out my family I knew I had accomplish the reaction I would want from people.

On Saturday after black Friday I decided to go out to some of the stores to get peoples reaction towards my disfigure face. The store we went to first was Walgreen’s and Best Buy at first not many people notice me or notice my face the only ones that would stare at me then would run away to their parents where young little kids. When we where walking around the Walgreen’s store from the corner of my eye I would see the little kids staring at me then ask his mom, “why does she look like that?”. The little boys mom just looked at me smiled and walked away. When I heard the little boy say those words I felt my confidence going down. At that moment I felt like going back home and not want to continue with the project any more. After hearing what the little boy had said I realized that we start having this ideal beauty an ideal image on what a perfect complexion should look like at a young age. The reaction this little boy had got me thinking on the discussion we had when we had watch the movie AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL and the reading how has young girls play with these perfect Barbie dolls so they are raised with the idea of being beautiful is to look like Barbie.

After the experiment I had at the previous stores I was afraid to go to any other store. For the third day on this experience I decided to make my burn a bit more gruesome then the previous day. On Sunday I went to the mall once again with my sister so they could help me document the reaction of people. When we enter the mall I started feeling nervous and scared and for a split second I felt like crying. As soon I walked through those doors I could not be more wrong as I walked through those doors every person I would walk by would give me quick glance then look away and keep on staring after I had passed them. The experience I had in the store compares nothing to what I experience in the mall. When I was at the mall I was more aware on the way I looked and I kept on trying to cover my face. I tried to be as comfortable with my self as I possibly could. Even though I was not able to see the people staring at me I was able to feel them staring that made me feel even more uncomfortable. As I was walking around the store looking at the clothing my sister kept noticing that a little girl kept on looking in the same direction I was so this time I decided to approach her. I asked this little 7 year old girl; what was she thinking when she saw me and what was her reaction towards how I looked. When I talked to her she told me “I felt sorry” “I wanted to know what happen to you and if you where ok.” and the one thing that made me understand her reaction towards me was when she said, ” I have never seen anybody that has a scared faced and walking around.” Another reaction I had was from a young boy who kept staring at me when I was looking as shoes I did the same thing I had done with the little girl I approached the young boy and asked him the same questions, his response to one of the questions I asked him was the same “I felt sorry and I hope she is ok” he not only answer the question by say I feel sorry for me but he gave me anther answer I was not expecting to hear from a young boy like himself he told me, ” If a girl looks the way you look, if she told me she wanted to be my girlfriend I would tell her that even though she has a great personality. I would not be with them because the way she looks.” After I proses what he just said I then asked him “Why?” “What do you consider as being beautiful?”. He told me the one thing we all know, ” I see someone being beautiful, someone that looks like a model, some one with a nice face.” The conversation I had with the young boy made me realize that it dose not matter the person you are it matters how you look towards people to be able to fit the criteria of what the average beauty should looked like.

I did not only experience the glances and stares from people. I don’t know if this will be considered as discrimination or not, but as I was walking with my sisters their where people handing out flyers one of the flyer handing people was going to hand me a flyer but when he saw my face he turned and handed the flyer to another person. At that moment I was in shock of what just happened. I also experience and notice that when I would talk to any sale associate they would try to make little contact with me and some would not want to make any eye contact with me.

What I experience and learned from this alter identity project was when we see someone different from the norm we try to avoid making eye contact with them because we think the other person would feel uncomfortable. I also learned from this project was because we are told from a young age not to stair at people and not ask question we carry that on to adult hood, and that is what I saw many people turning to stair at me or giving me quick glances. What I got from the reading in connection to the project was I have a schizoid personality (a person who does not want to be notice.(pg. 169)) I hate being the center of attention and when I decided to do this alter identity I did not have in mind of the attention I was going to get. I thought I was just going to get simple glances from people I did not think I was going to end up having that stair I was getting. This alter identity made me feel very uncomfortable because all the attention was on me and that made me feel even more uncomfortable because for the past 3 days I was getting the attention that I normally don’t get. In the end I did enjoy this alter identity project because I got to see first had the reaction and the treatment of people towards me and towards someone who looks different.


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Reading #6: Queations

1. ) Refereeing to highland rape, rape is a horrific act, why are magazines allowed to romanticize it and put it in advertisements?

Yes reap is an awful thing that could happen to any women and Alexander McQueen received so many critics from his highland rape fashion show. Showing models wearing dirty ripped clothing, but yet we see magazines advertise romanticize version of rape, why don’t we get the same reaction towards those advertising. When magazines advertise these kind of advertising people don’t see it as the romanticize version of rape or rape, the viewer would just see it as a sexier advertising for a specific brand. We are allowing magazines to romanticize it because the models that are in the magazines do not look like rape victims the way McQueen portrayed then in his show, the models in the magazines look very polish. If magazines would portray the models as rape victims in a romanticize version I think it will get if not the reaction that McQueen got it would get something similar.

ck jeans

2.)  Is it possible for clothing to provide the type of protection McQueen try’s to creative by making women look “so powerful no one would dare lay hands on them?

Yes it is possible for clothing to provide the protection McQueen tried to create by making a women look “so powerful no one would dare lay hands on them”. Not only by the way a women is dress.  but also the confidences a women has in  finding their inner confidence to portray the outfit she is wearing, “is the outfit wearing you or are you wearing the outfit” that is what would make it possible for clothing to provide the protection McQueen tried to create.


3. ) Are the opinions of the viewer or designer a more correct interpretation fashion?

My opinion would be no. The opinions of viewers or designers are not the wrong or correct interpretation of fashion because every person interpreters fashion their own way. Every viewer and every designer has a different way of viewing fashion and they all present their views differently. Just like every person has their own views of fashion they also have their own style. If the designers and viewers interpretation of fashion are correct then every one would look the same and no one would have their own style.

imagesCAGXP82E imagesCAWOOWO4

4.) Why is it appealing to sexualize or eroticize fashion?

Is appealing to sexualize or eroticize fashion simply to get consumers to porches their product. Not only do they use sexualize or eroticize in fashion they also use it in promoting fast food in the example of the Carl’s Jr. commercials. Another simple answer Sex sells.



Quiz #5: Questions

  1. What are the three cardinal attributes to define the sociologic phenomenon of fashion?   Provide a definition in your own words, based on what you read of each attribute.
  • The three cardinal attribute are temporal, social aspect, and material aspect.

Temporal = when a new fashion or fashion trend comes in and goes away rapidly.


Social aspect = only a group of people are willing to adopt a certain trend while others will take longer in adopting it.

Material aspect = the way one will present themselves, how they style themselves, using accessories, hairstyles, etc…

2.  What does it mean, “Fashion is Play” How do you play at fashion?  Provide examples, and images.

  •  For me “fashion play” means dressing as something you would like to be or dressing for fun. “Fashion play” is someone wanting to experiment with their own fashion and try something new. They way I play fashion is when I go to a formal event I don’t go in my usual clothing I play fashion by dressing up in a nice dress, wearing makeup and nice jewelry that is how I would “fashion play”.For example people who attend Comic Con play fashion because they are being a character that they are not and who just want to have fun doing it. Kids are always dressing up because they want to be something that they would want to be, girls would dress as princesses and boys would pretend they are superhero.



3. Define the Histrionic Attitude and Schizoid Attitude towards Fashion.  Provide examples from your own experience

  • Histrionic personality care what other people think about them therefore they put in more time and effort in how they look. They are the ones that want to be notice by others and the ones who are influenced by others. When I go to any formal place or when I’m going to see people who I have not seeing for a long time I will take time and put in more effort in the way I look, so I could present my self with a good image.

untitled (2)

  • Schizoid personality are people who don’t want to be notice by others, they rather want to be alone, and don’t like the popularity attention the way the histrionic people do. Schizoid personality are also less expressive than the histrionic people. I would relate to sometimes being a schizoid because I don’t like the attention and I’m not much of a talker I don’t express my self the way other people do.

Alter Identity Proposal

For my alter identity I’m thinking of drawing tattoos on my arms. This inspiration came to me because I know my mom hates tattoos or any kind of body perusing only if is earrings and I know that my mom would not be happy about it, and all of my family members think of me as someone that will not be a person who will get a tattoo. I’m planning on surprising my mom by telling her that I got a tattoo and take of the goss that they put and reveling the “tattoo” in front of her and see her reaction towards it.

lovely flower tattoo


Dress Journal #10

20131110_204902  2013-11-10 20.11.13

Sunday Nov. 10 last day of dress journal blog. I wore what I would now consider my signature piece of garment jeans, a printed Asian inspired blouse and gray shoes. I wore this out fit to church and to have lunch at Chilies with my family. I choose this outfit because after going to bead late from parting I did not considered in looking for anything else I got the first thing I saw when I open my closet, and it is an appropriate outfit to go to church. This outfit made me feel comfortable from all the dancing I did the night before. When one wears a garment on to many times some one will not complement that person any more so sad to say, No  I did not received any compliments. because family, relatives, and friends have seen me wearing the blouse before and I don’t get compliments from strangers very often.

I enjoy this assignment very much.


Dress Journal #9

20131110_202655-1  2013-11-10 20.18.50  wedding

Yesterday Saturday Nov. 9th I wore a dark plum dress  with nude high heels. I wore this lovely outfit because my family and my self attended a wedding. I choose this outfit because it was a formal wedding so one had to dress for the ocation and I like the way the dress looked on me and how it fit. I felt beautiful on how I was dressed and how I looked, but because this was the first time wearing those nude heels I felt uncomfortable towards the end it was getting hard for me to dance and walk. But other then that I felt great in this dress. Yes I did received many complements form many family members, because I don’t wear my hair down very often or wear a dress to many of the family events or get my make-up done. Many family members would tell me that I looked very pretty and I should have my hair down more often, because I have thick, wavy, long hair it takes a long time to blow dry my hair that is why I don’t do it so often and I only do it for special ocation so I could surprise people when I do.


Dress Journal #8

20131110_011056 2013-11-10 22.39.35

Friday Nov. 8 was a lazy day for me that day I wore comfy clothes, a pair of loose PJ pants, a gray t-shirt, a sweater and my comfy gray slippers. This outfit I wore it at home because I did not feel like getting dressed up or go any where I just wanted to stay at home, I did do  a couple of house chores and some homework. I chose this because is a comfy outfit and a good outfit to wear when staying at home. This outfit made me feel so comfortable and relax that I end up taking several naps. Because I did not leave my house I did not receive any complements and I don’t think that wearing an outfit like the one I was wearing will be getting any complements.