Project #1: Couture Trash Project


My inspiration was Christophe Josses. His designs are not only elegant but have a relax flow to his garment, something that everyone can wear. I also like the way he uses earth tone colors in his designs.

untitled (5)     imagesCAP17JU8


I have created a two piece garment a skirt and a blouse. The skirt is made out of straws with a orange under skirt to show the earth tone colors that Christophe uses in his designs. The blouse is made using dyer sheet showing the sheerness of the fabrics he uses to create some of his garments.


20140409_000405     20140409_012842     20140422_214524


20140422_221134split stich {hem}     20140422_221049even basting     20140422_220923felt stich


(sketch)                                                  (final garment)

20140409_012349          20140421_150234

















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