Haute Couture Designer: Christophe Josses

The designer I researched on was Christophe Josses. He is a French designer and a Haute Couture fashion brand. Christophe studied 3 years of art history in Paris. Before he became a Haute Couture designer Christophe worked in 3 different fashion houses as a designers assistant. Christophe moved to the Haute Couture studio of the Torrente House. Christophe became the first assistant to Ross Torrente-Mett director of the studio at the time, Ross Torrente-Mett departed as the studio designer in 2003. Christophe took over as the director of the studio and the direction of the Haute Couture collection. In 2004 Christophe Josses left the Torrente House and on July 2005 Christophe presented his first Couture collection under his own name. In 2008 he opened his atelier and showroom in Paris. Later in 2011 the Chamber Syndicale de la Haute Couture promoted Christophe Josses from member to permanent member status. This allowed him to brand bear the “Haute Couture” label. Christophe’s describes his collections as soft, vaporous and romantic as well as romantic, sensual with a delicate silhouette. Christophe is known for his sublime wedding dresses which are often transparent, playfully exposing and concealing the body.

untitled (5) imagesCAN4BI9S

imagesCAM35QB8 imagesCALMFRGZ

imagesCATFVQMM imagesCAP17JU8


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