Quiz #5: Questions

  1. What are the three cardinal attributes to define the sociologic phenomenon of fashion?   Provide a definition in your own words, based on what you read of each attribute.
  • The three cardinal attribute are temporal, social aspect, and material aspect.

Temporal = when a new fashion or fashion trend comes in and goes away rapidly.


Social aspect = only a group of people are willing to adopt a certain trend while others will take longer in adopting it.

Material aspect = the way one will present themselves, how they style themselves, using accessories, hairstyles, etc…

2.  What does it mean, “Fashion is Play” How do you play at fashion?  Provide examples, and images.

  •  For me “fashion play” means dressing as something you would like to be or dressing for fun. “Fashion play” is someone wanting to experiment with their own fashion and try something new. They way I play fashion is when I go to a formal event I don’t go in my usual clothing I play fashion by dressing up in a nice dress, wearing makeup and nice jewelry that is how I would “fashion play”.For example people who attend Comic Con play fashion because they are being a character that they are not and who just want to have fun doing it. Kids are always dressing up because they want to be something that they would want to be, girls would dress as princesses and boys would pretend they are superhero.



3. Define the Histrionic Attitude and Schizoid Attitude towards Fashion.  Provide examples from your own experience

  • Histrionic personality care what other people think about them therefore they put in more time and effort in how they look. They are the ones that want to be notice by others and the ones who are influenced by others. When I go to any formal place or when I’m going to see people who I have not seeing for a long time I will take time and put in more effort in the way I look, so I could present my self with a good image.

untitled (2)

  • Schizoid personality are people who don’t want to be notice by others, they rather want to be alone, and don’t like the popularity attention the way the histrionic people do. Schizoid personality are also less expressive than the histrionic people. I would relate to sometimes being a schizoid because I don’t like the attention and I’m not much of a talker I don’t express my self the way other people do.

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