Dress Journal #9

20131110_202655-1  2013-11-10 20.18.50  wedding

Yesterday Saturday Nov. 9th I wore a dark plum dress  with nude high heels. I wore this lovely outfit because my family and my self attended a wedding. I choose this outfit because it was a formal wedding so one had to dress for the ocation and I like the way the dress looked on me and how it fit. I felt beautiful on how I was dressed and how I looked, but because this was the first time wearing those nude heels I felt uncomfortable towards the end it was getting hard for me to dance and walk. But other then that I felt great in this dress. Yes I did received many complements form many family members, because I don’t wear my hair down very often or wear a dress to many of the family events or get my make-up done. Many family members would tell me that I looked very pretty and I should have my hair down more often, because I have thick, wavy, long hair it takes a long time to blow dry my hair that is why I don’t do it so often and I only do it for special ocation so I could surprise people when I do.


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