Dress Journal #10

20131110_204902  2013-11-10 20.11.13

Sunday Nov. 10 last day of dress journal blog. I wore what I would now consider my signature piece of garment jeans, a printed Asian inspired blouse and gray shoes. I wore this out fit to church and to have lunch at Chilies with my family. I choose this outfit because after going to bead late from parting I did not considered in looking for anything else I got the first thing I saw when I open my closet, and it is an appropriate outfit to go to church. This outfit made me feel comfortable from all the dancing I did the night before. When one wears a garment on to many times some one will not complement that person any more so sad to say, No  I did not received any compliments. because family, relatives, and friends have seen me wearing the blouse before and I don’t get compliments from strangers very often.

I enjoy this assignment very much.


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