Nathalie Miebach: Changing Waters


The exhibition Changing Water created by Nathalie Miebach at the Craft and Folk Art Museum was one of the most amazing and colorful exhibition I have ever seen. As I walked in to the exhibition I was puzzle at what I was see thinking I was at the wrong exhibition. What was being display looked to me like a up scale toy store or a very colorful child’s room. I would have never known that every single piece of sculpture was made from using actual weather data information, taken from the internet, satellite images, and weather systems and then being able to transform it into great colorful pieces of art. At a glance and not knowing what the sculptures represent or the story behind it everything would just look like a big amusement sculpture exhibition.

20131105_125150 20131105_124018

Nathalie was able to use all that weather data and transforming it in to a visual weather data art work. Nathalie use raffia wood, rope and string along with a basket weaving method to create her art. Each color, band and string represents a weather element during a weather change. She not only uses art to represent her weather data but she also incorporates the data in crating musical scours, she not only makes the weather data a visual aspect but also a hearing aspect as well. Paying close attention to the art that is being display all around the museum one is able to notice the data that is being incorporated in the art. In her art “The Hear An Ocean In A Whisper” you are able to notice the weather data that she incorporates into the art, the big Ferris Wheel has the different times, the roller coaster shows the different water waves, and in some of the wind mill it would show the different phases of what strong high winds can do to a house.


I enjoy the Changing Water exhibition because I did not know that one could use weather data and be inspired to create colorful paces of art and also use it to make music out of it. Their were several art work that I liked one of them being the blue and red dragons on the wall and the other being the grand look alike theme park display at the center of the exhibition. I still don’t know how I will incorporate what I have seen into my project. I might use the same color concept or incorporate some of her displays into stencils.

20131105_123614 20131105_122923


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