Dress Journal #5

20131106_001400 2013-11-05 23.59.20

Another day another outfit/garment for Tuesdays Nov. 5 outfit it consist of jeans, a printed blouse, tennis, and a green sweater. I wore this outfit for one thing it was a bit fresh out side, I wore it to my doctors appointment  to the Craft and Folk Art Museum, also to take my little niece to her dance class and to run a few errands along the way. I choose to wear this outfit because I like the prints on the blouse and because the blouse goes with most of the color I put on, I also choose to wear this garment because it seem appropriate to wear to a doctors appointment, because is not to casual and not to dressed up is in between a dressy casual style. This made me feel comfortable and stylish. Jut like any other day I did not received any comments from any body.


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