Reading #2: Sewing Notions

In this article Sewing Notions  Julia Bryan-Wilson mentions in the article “…today craft is not only an artistic trend being rapidly institutionalized; it is also a thriving enterprise that exists within a larger geopolitical context of mass production.” From what I understood  Julia was saying that craft is no longer consider to just being art or being limited to a specific group, people are now being craftier and using craft to make a political statements.  Some of the artist Julia mentions in the article the use of craft to make an awareness of what is happening in the world. For example one of the several artist mention in the article who use craft to make a political statement is the artist Margarita Cabrera who uses everyday items to create awareness of what is happening in Ciudad Juarez, in her piece Pink Blender 2002, Margarita covers a blender in pink yarn with black stings hanging to represent the women that are being kidnap and kill in Juarez. Craft is not just being limited to making art is being use in a wide range in production and in making a statement.


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