Museum Exhibition: Powerful Bodies Zulu Arts of Personal Adomment

Powerful Bodies Zulu arts of Personal Adomment exhibition at the UCLA Fowler Museum.  I was amazed at all of the cultural work display from the Zulu people which I had never hear of before. I learned the Zulu people have been around since the 19th century. Even thought the exhibition was small they display beautiful cultural art from the Zulu people. From the beautiful hand carve clubs that represent the leadership of a particular person, to the amazing handmade bead work of their belts and jewelery. img_2789






not only did they have display the belts but they also had a wide verity of clubs and staffs on display. other then sowing the status of the person. not only men would carry a staff but also women would carry one and men. the Zulu people use clubs  for striking their enemies and also for hunting. I found this exhibit interesting.




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