Reading#2 Take Home Quiz

  • Do you think the United States in a “Legitimization Crisis”?   Why?  Examples?  Images, Videos?   How does this affect fashion consumption habits?
  • Has a novelty purchase provided you with a lasting sense of satisfaction?  Yes or No, why? Why not?  Reference reading, Professor Lung’s responses, provide images, which reference what you purchased.
  • How do members of contemporary western society more closely derive their identities from consumption?  Provide examples, and reference the reading.

1.  I think the US is in a “legitimization crisis”. We live in a nation where we are surounded by so many cultures that fashion starts to become influence by it, therefore people will start purchesing what the fashion industry brings out. Living in a very divers nation some of the fashion that we see around some might not think of it a being offensive and others will. For example in a 2008 ad for Dunkin’ Dounuts ice coffee Rachael Ray a television chef is wearing a fringed black-and-white scarfscarf a what look to be a  traditional Arab headdress. Muslims became very offended by it and the ad was removed.

-rachael rey We do have a crisis because we don’t think of how a new fashoin will be recieved by other people or by there comunity are they going to be offended or not. We only see it as looking cute and bing in fashion.

2.  A purches has provided me with a sense of satisfaction. Not a great deal of satisfaction like the vedios we saw in class where it makes me dance, but a satisfaction where i was happy with what I bought. I bought during the summer some wedge heels that i saw at Ross and i just had to have and the best part they where only $20, I still have not worne them but i sure do love them.shoe



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