Reading #1 Take Home Reflective Quiz Questions

  1. In my social group there are no structural norms of dressing. Each one of us dresses how we want and  how we feel comfortable. The norms of each of us show our own style, most of the people in my social group I would say dress in a casual style wearing jeans, t-shirts, and tennis. If I were to change the norms of dressing with in my own social group, I would go about by suggesting and dressing up my style by wearing more jewelry, wearing blazers or cardigans and not just wearing sweaters.
  2. There has been several social situations were I have been embarrassed of what I have worn. But the one I remember the most would be, when I was invited by a male friend to go to a friends birthday party at a wine tasting at a  vineyard. I had asked how should I dressed and he told me to dress like if I was going to a party. Keeping that in mine I wore skinny jeans, a black and red shear top with a black blazer and black pump heels. When we get to the vineyard everybody that was at the vineyard were dressed casual with jeans, t-shirts, and tennis, I felt so out of place and so over dress. And not to mention I had to walk on gravel.  After this social embarrassment this affected my future choice of dressing because I now ask how is the dress code for the event I’m invited to. I will not listen on want to wear by a male friend of my, and when in doubt of wearing heels you never can go wrong in wearing flats.


3. I would perceive my body to be passive.



3 thoughts on “Reading #1 Take Home Reflective Quiz Questions”

  1. Erica, after reviewing your blog posts, I see you are missing quiz #4. Is that correct? if not please email me the link to that post.
    Thank you for your efforts in the is course.

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