Reading Response # 1: Material With A Memory

Yinka Shonibare, J. Morgan Puett, and Kimsooja are all artist who present different arts using the same medium cloth. Each artist uses this cloth that has been around for many years. They each not only create their own art with it but they also show culture and history behind each of their art. Yinka Shonibare uses a batik pattern a dye-resist pattern it can be traced back to over 1,500 years, and is known to be the African cloth he uses this cloth in his full scale astronaut outfits. Puett shows her art by showing the back stage of the work place as how it would have been, and having the cloth be the starting point in a women’s clothing. Kimsooja uses the cloth in her art as a blanket to connect two separate worlds. Three different artist using the same medium showed us different historical views and showed us that even though times have change cloth will always be use.


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